Conerly Trophy winner ‘Ole Miss’ quarterback Bo Wallace”

“It’s just a week and a half after surgery, and I feel great,” Wallace said. “For these next few months, it will be a lot of rehab and taking care of it (his shoulder). I know I’m probably not going to throw before June. I just have to take care of my body in other ways and get with Pat and get my rehab done. I thought the treatment from the Medical Center was really good. Obviously, you’re a little nervous with your shoulder getting worked on, but they got me in and out very quick. I’ll be 100 percent: I’m 100 percent confident I’ll be back.”

Sam Warburton
Wales and British Lions International Rugby Player
Sam Warburton suffered a torn ACJ in 2008 and was back playing first team rugby in 18 weeks. Sam was in a sling for 6 weeks and was back playing in 5 months.“The operation was without incident and I was up and about within hours. I started my rehabilitation with light mobilisation physio and was back in training after 12 weeks. Not only would I recommend the procedure to another player but if I injured my other shoulder I would have the same operation without any hesitation. My shoulder has never been an issue in training or when out on the field at Club or International level.”

Bradley Davies
Wales International Rugby Player
Bradley Davies also suffered an ACJ tear after a heavy fall in training, “It was a bit of a freak accident. As I hit the ground on my shoulder another player landed on me. It was obvious there was something wrong straight away.”His position as a ‘lock’ meant the injured area was particularly vulnerable. The arm was immobilised in a sling for 6 weeks and Bradley commenced training after 8 weeks playing first team rugby after 18 weeks.

“The operation was very straightforward and I left hospital the following morning in a sling but my range of motion was back straight away. I think the best recommendation I can give for this product, and the confidence I now have, is that prior to the injury I wore shoulder protection and for the past four years, since recovering from the surgery, I have not worn any.”