Injury, Int. J. Care Injured (2007) 38, 1247—1253

In-Ho Jeon a,*, Girish Dewnany b, Richard Hartley b, Lars Neumann b, W. Angus Wallace b

In summary, 11 men with an average age of 39 underwent the Lockdown™ procedure.  Four patients were injured during a fall, three from bicycle accidents, two during sports activities and two during car accidents.  All were chronic injuries and the average interval time from injury to surgery was 18 months.  Nine of the injuries were classified as Rockwood grade III, one as grade VI and one as V.  Three patients had previously been operated on using the Weaver-Dunn procedure which had failed and eight were treated conservatively.

All eleven patients had been reassessed clinically and radiographically at an average of 55 months.  Using the Imatani evaluation score, 10 patients achieved a good/excellent result with the mean Constant score being 92.  One patient had a fracture of the base of the coracoid after heavy lifting in the early postoperative period which results in a poor outcome.  Two patients needed an additional operation.  In one the lateral end of the clavicle was excised together with the removal of the screw, and in the other a subacromial decompression was carried out.

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